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Episode 36

Avoid Hidden Time Traps & How to Show Up on Google

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Episodes | 0 comments

Welcome to show number thirty-six! In today’s show, Guest Geek Jenae Spry shares some powerful tips to improve your productivity! Then, CJ shares a few ideas to help get your website and business listed on Google! Join our Facebook group to ASK your questions and watch the LIVE weekly taping!

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Featured Topic:

  • Guest Geek Jenae Spry is back!
    – See part one on Ep 26
    – See part one on Ep 35
  • Jenae presents How to Avoid Scheduling Traps that Kill Your Productivity
    • Missing out on Peak Energy & Focus Times
    • Scheduling According to Gurus
    • Scheduling Around Your Clients
    • Not Training Your Clients Properly
    • Join her FB group here!
  • Need More Help? I’m available for private coaching! Reach out today!

Ask a Web Geek:

  • Last Time on AaWG
  • Jump into our ongoing conversations!
  • Why Doesn’t my Website Show Up on Google?
    • For What? Business Name or Your Keywords
  • To List Your Business:
    • Step 1 – Search Console – Register Your Website
    • Step 2 – Google My Business – Register Your Business
    • Step 3 – Build / Add Content – See Episode 13 – Lost in the SEO Jungle
  • What are YOUR questions? How can we HELP YOU?
  • More Resources & links at

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