Episode 26

Conquer your Jungle with 1-3-More

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Episodes

Welcome to show number twenty-six! In today’s show, we have our first Guest Geek! Jenae Spry shows us her system to create goals and a productivity that delivers results! Then CJ shows you an amazing resource to create social media posts! Join our Facebook group to ask your questions!

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Featured Topic:

  • Meet our FIRST Guest Geek, Jenae Spry!
  • Jenae presents her productivity system, “1-3-More”
    • All goals are not created equal
    • Gather your goals – ALL of them
    • Choose your first goals
    • Prioritized goals Q1 (1-3-More)
    • Advantages of the 1-3-More System

Ask a Web Geek:

  • Jump into our ongoing conversations!
  • Peter asks about Social Media cross-posting
    • CJ demonstrates how to use Buffer to instantly create a post across numerous social media networks
  • What are YOUR questions? How can we HELP YOU?
  • More Resources & links at GilbertStudios.com/resources

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