Episode 34

Make Your Website WORK for YOU!

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Episodes

Welcome to show number thirty-four! In today’s show, CJ shows exactly how his free 7-pt video series will help you make your website work for you! Join our Facebook group to ASK your questions as well as join our LIVE taping!
  • Welcome + Greetings
  • How it Works
  • How to Join, Participate, Watch & Listen Later
  • Disclaimer – Consult your attorney!


Featured Topic:

  • What? My website? What do you mean I can USE it better? Isn’t it just a pretty business card?
  • Use my FREE 7-pt Video Workshop to Make Your Website Work for Your Business
    • Video 1 – Welcome
    • Video 2 – Meet the Coach
    • Video 3 – Set your Goals
    • Video 4 – Your Search
    • Video 5 – Your Sales
    • Video 6 – Your Service
    • Video 7 – Next Steps
  • Sign Up at MyWebsiteSafari.com
  • Need More Help? I’m available for private coaching! Reach out today!

Ask a Web Geek:

  • Last Time on AaWG
  • Jump into our ongoing conversations!
  • Betty asks, “Why does Facebook stop my live recordings before I’m ready?”
  • What are YOUR questions? How can we HELP YOU?
  • More Resources & links at GilbertStudios.com/resources

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