Episode 6

Big Geek Recap

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Episodes

Welcome to show number six! In this show, we look back at all the various topics we’ve covered so far. Thank you helping to build our community FB group! Come join our discussions and weigh in with your thoughts and suggestions!

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Featured Topic:

  • CJ’s Free Video Workshop
  • Ideas and Suggestions to make your Website Work for your Business

Ask a Web Geek:

  • Jump into our ongoing conversations!
  • We Recap all our Episodes so you can find exactly what can help you
  • AaWG001
    • Scheduling Tool that integrates with Apple?
    • Use PR Web? Good for backlinks?
    • How to use personal domain name with Gmail?
    • Jump to AaWG001
  • AaWG002
    • Website vs Funnel – Which is best and why?
    • Recommend a Client Management System? aka a CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Recommend a Project Management System?
    • Jump to AaWG002
  • AaWG003
    • One Main Website vs Multiple Landing Pages?
    • How to make a “Buy Now” button for your website using Paypal
    • Jump to AaWG003
  • AaWG004
    • How to Add Video to a portion of your FB cover photo
    • Cheap, Offline Marketing things business owners can do
    • Affiliate Marketing Programs
    • Jump to AaWG004
  • AaWG005
    • Jump into our ongoing conversations!
    • How to Switch between Personal and Business Profiles when responding to comments on your FB page
    • What are the Best Times of Day to send Email Newsletters?
    • Jump to AaWG004
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