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Episode 4

Community Baby Steps

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Episodes | 0 comments

Welcome to our fourth show! We are loving the community building in our FB group! Come join our discussions and weigh in with your thoughts and progress! We are taking baby steps together because baby steps are better than no steps at all!

  • Welcome + Greetings
  • How it Works
  • How to Join, Participate, Watch & Listen Later
  • Disclaimer – Consult your attorney!


Featured Topic:

  • Your Message Matters // You can Create a Million Dollar Message
  • Build your Business and Spread your Message with Public Speaking

Ask a Web Geek:

  • How to Add Video to a portion of your FB cover photo
    • video must be 20-90 seconds
    • recommended size is 820 x 462 px
    • Special Thanks to our community participation!
  • Cheap, Offline Marketing things business owners can do
    • Help us answer this question! Please chime in with your thoughts.
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
    • How to become an affiliate for others products/services
    • How to add an affiliate program for your own products/services
  • More Resources & links at

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