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Episode Zero

AAWG000 – Who, What, Why, Where & How

In this “not quite an” episode, CJ touches briefly on what this show is going to be, how to get involved, and how to get the most out of it.

Season 1, Episode 0    |    4:42

AaWG035 – Hacking the Echoes of Time (and WordPress)

Episode 35 Hacking the Echoes of Time (and WordPress)Welcome to show number thirty-five! In today's show, Guest Geek Jenae Spry delves deep into her time-blocking strategy to increase your productivity! Then, CJ shows tells you what to do first when your WordPress...

AaWG034 – Make Your Website WORK for YOU!

Episode 34 Make Your Website WORK for YOU!Welcome to show number thirty-four! In today's show, CJ shows exactly how his free 7-pt video series will help you make your website work for you! Join our Facebook group to ASK your questions as well as join our LIVE...

AaWG033 – Let’s Learn Social Media & LinkedIn

Episode 33 Let's Learn Social Media & LinkedInWelcome to show number thirty-three! In today's show, CJ presents two free training videos where he teaches how to get started in Social Media marketing, as well as a deep dive into LinkedIn! Join our Facebook group...

AaWG030 – Security Alert! Zoom Update! (Zoom, part 3)

Episode 30 Security Alert! Zoom Update! (Zoom, part 3)Welcome to show number THIRTY! In today's show, CJ continues to help us to get our message online! UPDATE! Zoom has changed some settings to make things more secure! Join our Facebook group, hang out during our...