Episode 43

Return of the Geek: Electric Boogaloo

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Episodes

Welcome to show number forty-three! In this show, the geek returns with follow up warnings, new scams, new ways to network online and off (using your website of course!) and how to use some new, fun tech along the way. Come join our Facebook group, ask any questions you have, and be part of our LIVE taping! Please join in on our ongoing discussions and share your own questions and ideas with the community!

Join our Virtual Business Networking:

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  • How it Works
  • How to Join, Participate, Watch & Listen Later
  • Disclaimer – Consult your attorney!


Last Time on AaWG:

Featured Topics:

    • Domain Renewals and Banking Email Scams
  • Digital Business Card
    • Refer to / Browse https://www.gilbertstudios.com/meet-cj
    • Intro + Pic (& Social Media links)
    • QR Code (for easy sharing)
    • Free Video Workshop (lead magnet)
    • AaWG (…website, YT channel, FB group)
    • Resources & Free BONUS Training
    • Promo at Top (sometimes)
  • YOUR Digital Card
    • Start SIMPLE!
    • Intro + Pic (& Social Media links)
    • Gift / Lead Magnet
    • Then Add…
    • Resources & BONUS Training
    • Promo at Top (sometimes)
  • QR Codes
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Add Logo / Pic
    • Create Several

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