Episode 16

Avoid this Domain Name Trap!

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Episodes

Welcome to show number sixteen! In this show, we talk about a hidden trap of the internet jungle. It’s a deceptive advertising practice that I HATE! Come join our group on Facebook and be part of our LIVE taping every Wednesday! Join our ongoing discussions and share your tips and ideas!

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Featured Topic:

  • Look back at last four shows
  • Beware this “domain name expiration / registration” deception!
    • Domain Names renew Yearly
    • Know your registrar
    • Don’t be fooled!
    • Look for the signs!
  • Let Me Be your Guide
    • Transfer Domain Name: $30 normally ($25 for our AaWG group!)
    • Transfer Domain Name: $20 per year
    • Website Hosting is available. (see AaWG Ep 14)
    • E-mail is available.
    • Many options! Let’s discuss.

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