Episode 22

Create a Secure Password You Can Remember

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Episodes

Welcome to show number twenty-two! In this show, CJ reveals his secret formula to create a secure password that you can actually remember! …AND the formula makes it unique for every website! Come join our Facebook group to be part of our LIVE taping and join our ongoing discussions!

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Featured Topic:

  • Passwords!
    • BEST practice = Use Secure Software like Lastpass or Google
    • GOOD practice = Create a Unique Secure Password for each site
  • CJ’s Password Formula
    • (website) + (secret code) + ##

Ask a Web Geek:

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  • How to connect a Facebook Group with a Facebook Page?
    • Group Settings — “Linked Pages”
  • What is the correct way to come up with your own Instagram hashtag?
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