Episode 21

Avoid the Spam Quicksand

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Episodes

Welcome to show number twenty-one! In this show, we rage against spam and discuss ways to avoid becoming targeted, or at least minimize the damage! Come join our Facebook group to be part of our LIVE taping and join our ongoing discussions!

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Featured Topic:

  • (Thanks, Robyn!!)
  • spam vs email list
    • spam – do NOT want!
    • email list – DO want!
  • 2 kinds of spam
    • incoming – the kind you GET
    • outgoing – the kind you SEND
  • Incoming… what can you do?
    • be careful what you sign up for
    • use a tool like 10minutemail.com or 10minemail.com
  • Outgoing… what can you do?
    • 2 ways to do it:
      • in your account
      • just pretending
    • protect password, and yet…!
      • public email
      • use info@

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  • Ad company running my FB ads, but I can’t see their spend?
    • Our experts replied, “No!”
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