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Episode 15

Taking your First Steps into Social Media

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Episodes | 0 comments

Welcome to show number fifteen! How to get started in social media for your business! Come join our group on Facebook to be part of our LIVE taping each Wednesday! Join our ongoing discussions and share your tips and ideas!

  • Welcome + Greetings
  • How it Works
  • How to Join, Participate, Watch & Listen Later
  • Disclaimer – Consult your attorney!


Featured Topic:

  • Look back at last four shows
  • Be Social? Where to Start?
    • Who is your Target Audience?
      • Not Everyone is Everywhere
    • Where is Your Audience?
      • Only focus on those 1-3 social media platforms
  • Start Slow
    • What / how much can you do?
    • 5-10 mins per day?
    • Morning / Evening?
    • Make it a part of your normal routine!
  • Become a Native
    • Start by Reading and Learning
    • Join the existing community
  • Follow, Like and Share
  • Your Homework!
  • Social Media with Donuts

Ask a Web Geek:

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